The Bergen Line

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According to the excited passengers who have experienced the spectacular journey between Bergen and Oslo “This is one of Europe’s greatest train journeys!” And rightly so, for this stretch of railway is a fantastic scenic tour that will take your breath away. The journey across Norway takes you from beautiful fjords to magical forests, along rumbling rivers and waterfalls, over high mountains, endless glaciers and through lush valleys and idyllic villages. In this audio guide you will become acquainted with the places, the exciting local and national history, spectacular nature, as well as legends, myths and traditions. All this you can experience directly through the audio, pictures and text in the guide as the train is approaching or passes the places of interest along the route. Here at VY we strive to do our utmost to deliver you a great travel experience – Enjoy the ride!

Audio guides available in:
Français, Español, 日本語, English (British), Norsk bokmål, 中文, Italiano, Deutsch

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