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The Nærøyfjorden

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Join us on one of the world’s most beautiful boat trips between the idyllic villages of Gudvangen and Flåm on the magnificent Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord. The latter is one of only two fjords in Norway that are on the UNESCO world heritage list, thanks to their stunning nature which is described as a classic example of the beautiful and very distinctive fjord landscape that is found here in Norway. In addition to the spectacular nature, where mirror like glaciers and wild waterfalls meet sheltered fjords and troll mountains, the cultural landscape of the area gives an extra dimension with old farms and summer farms literally hanging on the steep mountainsides. On this boat tour, you can experience all of this directly on your phone through the comprehensive narration, pictures and text as the boat approaches or passes the places of interest along the route. We at the Fjords are working to do our utmost to deliver you an excellent travel experience. Enjoy the tour!

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Italiano, Deutsch , English (British), Norsk bokmål, Français, Español

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