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Cider route Hardangerfjord

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This scenic boat trip between Odda and Lofthus, has been refered to as one of Europe’s most tasty boat trips. And with good reason, this stretch of water has no less than four stops at world class cider producers. The lush and beautiful nature is also a sight to behold, with visual gems coming one after the other. In this audio guide you will become acquainted with the places, the exciting stories behind the cider production, and the spectacular nature. All of this you can experience directly through the comprehensive narration, pictures and text as the boat approaches or passes the places of interest along the route. We at the Fjords are working to do our utmost to deliver you an excellent travel experience. Enjoy the tour!

Audio guides available in:
Deutsch , Italiano, Norsk bokmål, Español, Français, English (British)

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