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Visit Hammerfest

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Welcome to the island of Seiland, the seventh largest island in Norway! People have been living here amongst the powerful nature for over 7000 years. Here you can find two of Europe’s most northerly glaciers spread out over the mountains which plunge into the sea, and small sheltered coves and bays give shelter from the harsh Finnmark climate. The government refers to this place as the ‘tenderloin’ of Norwegian nature and over 50% of the island is designated as one of the 47 national parks in Norway. The island is divided into a northside and southside, the north has a boat connection to Hammerfest and the south to Alta. Today the island has just over 100 permanent residents, most of whom are of Sami origin. In addition to the Sami culture, the island also contains a lot of other exciting history, especially from the Second World War. Today there are numerous adventures to be had for both history and outdoor enthusiasts, whether you decide to explore on your own or join one of the many organised tours. You can take a discovery trip to the shore, fish in both fresh and salt water, go on safari or visit a farm. You can go on short or long hikes, stay overnight in a tent or a cabin in the low or high mountains, fish in the sea or fishing lakes, visit the bird cliffs, and enjoy the fantastic nature in all types of weather. God Tur! Check out the link below for more information:

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