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Welcome to Reine Rorbuer!

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Reine Rorbuer

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Welcome to Reine Rorbuer! Join us on this fantastic walk around Reine, one of the most beautiful villages in the world. It is here that the dazzling nature is combined with the fascinating history of people who have lived and worked for centuries. All of this you can experience through the comprehensive narration, pictures, and text as you approach the places of interest along the route.

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Points of interest


The most beautiful village in the world!

Join us on this fantastic walk around this idyllic fishing village between the roaring sea and the majestic mountains of Lofoten. Here, tough northerners, both women and men, have stayed for thousands of years with nature’s bounty right on their doorstep. Now you can get to know the history, the people, the nature, the animals, the food and much more, and you can experience it all here where the people lived, had their houses, and processed the delicious local ingredients. Reine has been voted Norway's most beautiful place, and for good reason. Just take the tour, listen, smell, and see! And maybe there will time for a taste or two. You start here in the very centre of historical Reine. Nowadays, Reine Rorbuer is located here and offers a magical stay in historical and uniquely authentic fishermen's cabins, called “rorbuer” or “rorbues”. All our cabins are newly restored and combine the atmosphere of the original fishermen's dwellings with modern comfort.

Audio guides available in:
Deutsch , Français, Italiano, Norsk bokmål, English (British)