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Welcome to the Flåm Railway Museum Press the red download button, then tap on the interest points below, as you follow the route around the museum. With a pleasant narration, you will hear about the construction of the Flåm Railway and the history of Flåm. At your own pace, on your own mobile, you will get to know the authentic exhibition at the museum. LANGUAGES: -Du kan endre språk ved å trykke på den lille knappen oppe til høyre. -You can change to your preferred language by pressing the small button up to the right. -Sie können Ihre bevorzugte Sprache ändern, indem Sie auf den kleinen Button oben rechts drücken. -Vous pouvez changer pour votre langue préférée en appuyant sur le petit bouton en haut à droite. -您可以通过按右上方的小按钮来切换到您喜欢的语言。 -Puede cambiar a su idioma preferido presionando el pequeño botón ubicado arriba a la derecha. -右上の小さなボタンを押すことで、お好みの言語に変更することができます。 -Puoi cambiare alla tua lingua preferita premendo il piccolo pulsante in alto a destra. -우측 상단에 있는 작은 버튼을 눌러 원하는 언어로 변경할 수 있습니다.

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English (British), Español, 日本語, Italiano, 한글 , 中文, Deutsch , Norsk bokmål, Français, Nynorsk

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