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We begin our journey in Svolvær, known as the capital of Lofoten. This dynamic town is picturesquely situated on the islands of Northern Norway and is renowned for being Lofoten's largest fishing village and a central hub for trade, administration, and communication. Historically, Svolvær has been a vital fishing port, with the Lofoten fishery being an essential source of income for the locals throughout the centuries. Today, the town is a centre for a diverse fishing industry and workshop industry, making it a thriving nexus for business and trade. Svolvær is also an important administrative centre, with both Lofoten District Court and Svolvær Police Station being part of the Nordland Police District. The town's architecture, an exciting mix of old fisherman's cabins and modern buildings, gives Svolvær a unique atmosphere. On the cultural side, Svolvær is an active cultural hub, with several art galleries and annual festivals, including the Lofoten International Art Festival. Whether you're here to experience the vibrant business life, the rich culture, or to take in the overwhelming natural beauty, Svolvær has something to offer everyone.

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