Åndalsnes – Trollstigen and Trollwall Audio Guide Bustour

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Welcome to our 3-hours excursion to one of Norway's most spectacular scenic routes. Before our bus driver bravely drives up the hairpin bend road, a 15-minute stop at the Troll Wall will give us a first impression of the magnificent nature and its Troll Mountains. Enjoy the journey along the Rauma River and through the beautiful Isterdalen valley. At the end of the valley, the road ascends dramatically to the 852-meter-high plateau at the endpoint of the mountain road . During a 45-minute break, we will have the opportunity to revel in a breathtaking view of the Trollstigen and its unique natural beauty. Following the break, our journey resumes, heading back towards Åndalsnes, while we listen to captivating facts about the capital of mountain sports.

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Norsk bokmål, English (British), Deutsch

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