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The Geopoetic Way

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Opplev verden gjennom poesien i hver blomst og plante på The Geopoetic Way. Lønsdal inviterer deg med på en geopoetisk vandring fylt med mystikk, tragedie, geologi, litteratur og spektakulær natur. Nyt et komfortabelt opphold på det tradisjonelle norske trehotellet, Storjord Hotell – hvor naturen og kulturen møtes for å skape minnerike øyeblikk.

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The Geopoetic Way

The Geopoetic Way is about opening all your senses and experiencing the world around you through the poetry in every flower and every plant. It's about letting nature sing to you and falling in love with nature's silent orchestra. To phrase it like the poets. The trip starts from Lønsdal train station, where your car is waiting. From here it is only a fifteen-minute drive to Storjord Hotel and Nordland National Park Centre. Leave all things that disturb you at the gate and loose yourself to the surroundings. Let yourself be intoxicated when you enter the lush green realm of Saltdalen. At Storjord hotel, the hosts will welcome you to a hotel that is both the tiniest and largest of its kind. Norway's smallest by the number of rooms, but largest when it comes to charm and personality. You will definitely enjoy yourself here! When you have settled in, all you have to do is lace up your hiking boots and get ready for the walk first over the suspension bridge, through the Arboretum, and on to the Nordland National Park Center where the guides are ready to welcome you. This first evening invites you on a journey into the Sami world and Lønsdal's rich history. Tomorrow, our wonderful geo-poets will accompany you as you explore the area's cultural-historical dimension and wild nature. An excursion that we guarantee you won't find anywhere else. A real sensory bath.

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Welcome to Lønsdal!

Lønsdal station was the final stop on the Northern Railway up until 1955. And there are good reasons as to why people would get off the train here. What you’ve seen when looking out the train window on this route is the border to Norway's second largest national park, Saltfjellet – Svartisen National Park. Saltdal is an experience for the senses. Completely unique nature and wild geology with a wealth of flora and fauna you won't otherwise find up here in the north. Mighty mountains and waterfalls await you deep in the valley along with hidden treasures and cultural relics from ancient times. Let the flow of water guide you as the Saltdal river, nicknamed the Queen of the North, churns along the road and into the valley and its wild green realm. Those who live in Saltdal love visitors. And it is through meetings with people and what you see, what you taste and smell, -through all this, that you will experience the national park's unique qualities up close. Navigate your way through a world of impressions and lose yourself to an experience you will remember for a long time. Welcome to the national park municipality with The Geopoetic Way!

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Norsk bokmål, English (British)